Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Happy Patriot Day!

we had piles of trouble with the red robin staff this year but still managed to get 4 people up to 8 baskets. we had 4 final baskets and 4 finalists. Henry almost clinched it but was the first of the four to bow out. after being thrown out of the restaurant we continued on the sidewalk outside. took a few minutes and chase had to drop out because he vomited all over the sidewalk. scottr and keylimeryan battled it out in a war of attrition. as scott kept shoving fries in and keeping them in his mouth keylime finally bailed. scottr won and then instantly vomited.
(emphasis added)

I won.

Hours and miles later, I’m still puking. Time to give up and metabolize.

Tags: spewing
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