Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

I can see the future.

I’m increasingly becoming addicted to flickr.

David, one of my best friends in high school, would take me out on evening photo trips. I would borrow my Father’s Topcon and try my hardest to not be terrible. It’s better for mankind that none of those exposures made it past the negatives.

Since the Topcon went away, I’ve gone from borrowed camera to borrowed camera. And, I’ve built up a modest set of galleries. But, next week, things will never be the same!

The following items have been shipped to you by 
Qty      Item                           Price  Shipped  Subtotal
--------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by, LLC):
   1     Transcend 4GB SDHC CARD (S...   $15.65      1   $15.65
   1     Canon PowerShot SD770IS 10...  $241.24      1  $241.24
   1     Canon PSC-1000 Deluxe Blue...   $14.10      1   $14.10

Shipped via DHL (Delivered by USPS)
Tracking number: 23653128586

It’s a good little point and shoot. When I want to go full manual, there will still be two film bodies and Sam’s A410.

Tags: spewing
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