Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

"I miss your laughs."

Dear Sarah,

I'm drunk. It's early Friday morning and Chris and I have been wandering Centro y Vedado Habana looking for booze and trouble. We certainly found the former.

I just finished reading Sam's travelogue up to this point and realized that I haven't been saying anything of import. I'm sure what we're doing is far more interesting than my thoughts combined with the occasional anecdote.

I think I have forgotten how to write events.

Chris wanted to drink, and not dance, tonight. So, after stopping by the first casa to get suggestions, we set out toward La Torree and the Jazz Club in Western (Vedado) Habana.

The former was closed. And, it's adjacent bar was too fancy and too boring. We moved on, and arrived at the Jazz Bar just in time for the end of a Sol band and the beginning of the top 40 rotation. (1980 - 2000)

A group of Japanese travelers sat nearby us and I made enough rudimentary conversation for them to share drinks, dances and finally when the bar closed, goodbyes with us.

Who knew Spanish was taught in Japan?

(the letter devolves into a drunken experiment that I'll show you when I get home.)
Tags: cuba, spewing
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