Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

In, quite possibly. my most boring post yet.

About wasting less time and blogging more... it’s easier said than done.

Adding personalities was an experiment. I got a view into the drama of A-list and B-list bloggers. Nice for them; but, mostly an incredible waste of time for me.

In hindsight this should have been obvious. No one, except me, is interesting 100% of time. This is an existence proof for my LiveJournal.

But, some people are excellent filters for interesting things. Anarchaia, the first tumblelog, is what made me think there was value in subscribing to personalities. Well worth reading if you’re smart or a little computer sciency.

None of this helps me. I need to feed my mind with the latest happenings. My environment is my inspiration.

Except, I have constructed a perfect echobox of Web 2.crap. Ok, new rules:

  1. No more visiting Facebook. Or Reddit. Or Hacker News.
  2. Google Reader has comics. And people I know.

When combined with the previous purges, I’m left with close to no input from the Internet. IM and e-mail. Did I mention I switched IM accounts? Did I mention I unsubscribed from mailing lists?

And, yes, it’s difficult to rationalize being subscribed to people’s blogs when I won’t read my friends page.

This should leave plenty of room for real life. And blogging about it.

Tags: spewing
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