Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Renewed literacy

My commute includes two bus rides through the worst of Seattle traffic. My evenings rarely leave me wanting to stare at a computer screen. And my weekends are spent with my friends.

Thanks to this new work-life balance, I have rediscovered books.

A few years ago, I top-loaded my Media to Consume note with the ALA’s list of most frequently banned / challenged books. After those come a large set of philosophy texts included half from curiosity, and half because “why should only liberal arts majors swoon the ladies?” Finishing it off are instructionals on the practice of programming.

Since January, here is what I will admit to having finished:

I’m finishing, starting, and working through every exercise: (respectively)

  1. The Design of Everyday Things,” Donald Norman
  2. The Practice of Programming,” Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike
  3. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs,” Abelson and Sussman

All were time well spent. That’s why I provide convenient links. Because I care. Even though, I use the library.

What are you reading?

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