Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Progress is being made!

I went to WSU on Monday through Wednesday for the Alive! Orientation. Excepting total waste of many hours while sitting around and doing the grunt work of computers, it was great fun. I woke up early, walked all day, and went to sleep “early.”

OC Patti Session 1 Group Picture

“Working hard, or hardly working?” I think I’m doing both. Bytebros progress is going nicely - though I need to get cracking harder tonight. Report generation side is nice and clean. The serial code is problematic since I’m calling the native Win32 API via Visual Basic. It’s just like writing in C, but ... not.

I don’t often pray - but I shall tonight for SpaceShipOne. If they succeed, it means a great start on the future of private space flight. Neither you or I are getting to space via NASA.
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