Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Platonic sleeping buddy for one semester. - m4w

For posterity’s sake:

I can only graduate with your help!

Why did I sign-up for a 9AM class? I own a shirt that says I’d never register for one again. But, of all the classes required outside my major, the one at 9AM seemed the least ridiculous.

Alarms clocks have failed. Yelling roommates have failed. The twin glories of caffeine and sleep deprivation have failed. I just can’t wake up for this class! This is my last semester and I realized the only thing that has reliably woke me:

A sleeping woman.

It’s not for morning sex or anything so crass. Simply that, while spooning, I can never get comfortable enough for deep sleep. But, I’m rested enough to get up and go to class.

I’m looking for an attractive woman to sleep with on a platonic basis. Your place or mine - I don’t care. Preferably the closest to campus. I’m not looking for anything except to walk at the end of the semester, and get one of those fake degree holders from the registrar.

I love spooning! I have it on good authorities that I’m a great cuddler. Multi-year surveys have indicated that I’m very warm- a benefit for the coming winter months. I’m on good terms with my two roommates, so my last semester hasn’t driven me completely bonkers.

Apparently, having minimal body hair is also a perk? On that note, I take showers and brush my teeth. Please do the same.

No pictures! I’m an 8.9 on HotOrNot. Ensure you’re rated 6+, as I definitely can’t fall asleep with an ugly woman. Will exchange details only with serious offers.

  • Location: Pullman, Washington
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Tags: humour

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