Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

While we're on the topic

The group sex act of the ménage à trois or more commonly the threesome holds a notorious mystique.

  1. Separate and sparse entries on Wikipedia
  2. Pinnacle of sexual achievement

A good mystique is difficult to develop.

Some things, like the Far East, have one because of their unfamiliarity. Many people’s only exposure is through rare and exciting reports. Unsurprisingly, all variety of fanciful half-truths are believed.

Other things, like freedom of speech, have a mystique because of their relative scarcity. This is different than plain old scarcity. It means some people have a supply and you don’t.

I presume a sexy party is really mysterious. But, I don’t actually know. This post is not an announcement of my new diet regimen of daily orgies. Rather, it’s an announcement of my peer group’s. I recently realized I must be a statistical anomaly. A qualified majority of my close friends have been polyamorous.

Suddenly, “two chicks at the same time” isn’t as appealing.

Tags: spewing
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