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Friends don't Let Friends Drunk Dial

Today, I received an unexpected e-mail from Skype. Such a thing normally would have been immediately deleted. But, it had ran the gauntlet and passed with flying colors. Whenever a piece of spam succeeds so spectacularly, I take a look at it to see what new tricks The Enemy has devised before (metaphorically) clicking “DO NOT WANT!

From: Skype <>
Subject: Your Skype Credit will expire in 30 days, take action now

Hi there David R S Robinson,

It appears that you haven’t used any of your Skype Credit for a while now.
Skype expires inactive credit balances and you have 30 days left to take action
to keep your credit.

Your account details:

Skype Name: scottfoxtrot
Balance: USD 12.25
Expiry date: 2007-08-11

I have Skype Credit? Oh, right, Liz Nina the girls.

=== What to do to keep your credits? ===

Simple, here’s a list of actions that will extend your credit account for another 180 days:

- Call a phone, even if the call lasts for just one second.
- Send an SMS message.

It’s clear what needs to be done. At the current rates, I have something like a hojillion minutes. Now, I need to form a collective of international drunk dialing partners.

I should be able to call into a number, and be automatically redirected to a “drunk buddy” who (preferably) has a unsteady grasp of my language. It should either be morning, lunch time, or whenever “get together and laugh at the inebriated American” o’clock is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And, if there are no matches available, there should be a pre-programmed list of pubs throughout the world.

Truly, an idea whose time has come.

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