Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

The September 20, 1977 that never ended.

According to Technorati, Robert Scoble is the 36th most popular blog. This implies that in the leading edge of technology, his opinions and coverage are some of the most highly regarded.

Anyway, while I’m sitting on the beach with Maryam, Jason Calacanis is innovating in his usual style. He is trying to become the world’s first open source CEO. How’s he doing that? By asking people on Facebook and again on Linked in to help him with his CEO tasks as he builds his new search engine, Mahalo. Got a bunch of great responses on both. We’ll see if that helps him build his engine into something worthy of taking on Wikipedia or not.

That is a choice quote from a recent post he wrote while “hanging out with some of the world’s top PR people” in Cabo, Mexico. It exemplifies such a complete disconnect from my reality, I can only liken it to fluff from an ignorant marketing group.

The rest of that post reads as a litany of Internet media buzzwords strung together with mind-numbingly irrelevant sentences. I then realized Scoble stopped producing redistributing content sometime after he left Microsoft. In fact, Scoble has spent an incredible amount of time advertising his sources - he has even boiled downed his original topical summaries to a link blog.

I made a mistake. I stayed subscribed from when he was a refreshingly transparent view into one of the giant’s of my field. Now, with his rebirth as a “Web 2.0” technical evangelist, I don’t care. My purpose is developing new technologies, not desperately staying on top of new products. I examining his upstreams in order to cherry-pick the sources best suited for me capture A-list weblogs.

But that doesn’t make that quote any less annoying.

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