Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

I'm missing on sleep and swing dancing.

Thanks to no one but my own dumb self, I'm operating on a sleep deprived schedule. But, the IEEE elections were today. So, I was forced to actually be awake today. After the elections, buildmuscle forcedencouraged me to hang out with him down at Cafe Moro in an effort to... how you say... unscrew my hours.

I'm kinda loopy right now.

I notice an attractive and vaguely familiar young woman walk through the door. For as atrocious I am at remembering names, my ability to recall faces is of equal and opposing magnitude. After minutes of thought, the memory of an El Jay / Facestalk / MySpiz / blahblahblah comes to me.

quadhome: Excuse me? Do you post on LiveJournal?
blush_response: Oh my God, STALKER ALERT!
quadhome: It's just that you looked familiar and -
blush_response: Warnung! Porter cet homme fol à la prison.
quadhome: But, I just wanted to blag about this!

That's how it played out in my head, at least.

Tags: spewing
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