Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

No stealing Carlos Mencia...

mel16: so yeah, realistically, the "fault" thing came from back in the day when you needed a reason to get married (the state wouldn't just let you since they have a vested interest in protecting marriage) so you had to prove something like drunkenness or infidelity to get out of it
mel16: people used to fake it just to get out
mel16: so it's not really a get out of jail fee card to have no-fault, you can just get a divorce easier
quadhome: So the state doesn't have a vested interest in marriage anymore.
quadhome: AWESOME
mel16: yes it does, but since people were cheating the system they've given up
mel16: like with abortion
mel16: the state has a vested interest in life too
quadhome: hehe.
Tags: humour
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