Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

My swagger is a WSU phenomenon.

Last Tuesday night, I was a competitor in the American Eagle Campus Comedy Challenge for Washington State University. I was honoured to meet (and later drink) with a whole crew of talented comedians. I enjoyed the pleasure of almost two hours of stand-up comedy. I loved the free clothing American Eagle gave me to look good in while I delivered my short routine on stage.

I also had the surprise of winning!

The other two competitors had experience on me. This is obviously not difficult, as I have never done stand-up comedy in my life. But, the audience voted and a clear decision was made. I even received a compliment from Jasper Redd! So, I move on to the next segment of the contest. As Jasper said in the green room, "it's not about the jokes, it's about the votes." Both the video of me and online voting go live tomorrow. I'll be engaging in the best media blitz I can muster to win.

I'd sorely appreciate help from everyone. I have a MySpace account that still has the new tool smell. Check it out, add me, suggest improvements, link me to your friends, etc.. I'll be linking my routine both here and there (everywhere) when it's posted.

Tags: spewing
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