Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

What's on my plate?

It is my hope that I can list everything I need to do without obfuscation. However, this isn't true at the moment.

That's another cause of stress in my life.

There are two ToDo lists. The primary for things I need to do and the secondary for things I want to do. Hopefully these will, one day, be one in the same.

Primary ToDo:

  • Completion schedule, #1 (Due: Midnight 1/22)

  • Completion schedule, #2 (Due: Midnight 1/28)

  • Completion schedule, #3 (Due: Midnight 2/4)

  • Completion schedule, #4 (Due: Midnight 2/11)

  • Completion schedule, #5 (Due: Midnight 2/25)

  • Finalize UW paperwork.

  • Pay $80 to Kirk for 5.66 PCB.

  • Pay $288 for 01/2004 insurance.

  • Pay $320 in tuition remaining.

  • Determine Winter 2003 total debt. ($500 approx.)

  • Secondary ToDo:

  • Work on DIBS GUI.

  • Work on Haze specification.

  • Work on VOE.

  • Work on Unicorn-B.

  • Work on Desktop Linux.

  • Work on Python reimplementation of hnb.

  • Work on Master Bar.

  • Release updated version of cust-plus.
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