Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Outstanding problems in personal information management.

One of these days, you think I would tire of writing on boring topics.

There are workflows I deal with on a daily basis that could stand for some improvement. I assume I'm fairly unique in these issues, otherwise ready-made solutions would exist. However, I'm enumerating them here as I often forget them; or worse, remember them as disjoint sets.

  1. E-mail
  2. Password management (secure storage)
  3. Time management

I have tried to ensure every e-mail address I have ever used still routes to my inbox. The few exceptions to this rule (,,, are for fairly particular reasons. However, in striving for this goal, my e-mail system has grown to become fairly complicated. It's a combination of custom written scripts, and a complex fetchmail configuration. All the e-mail from these are then ran through a large procmail script to filter and properly divert based upon various rules, and finally processed through spamassassin.

So, I'm stuck hosting my own e-mail. What's wrong with this? I want a nice web mail client! Something like the new Yahoo! Mail or GMail would be excellent. However, neither of those clients has support for IMAP access. Squirrelmail plain sucks. Finally, whatever the client I use needs support for GnuPG.

Password management is another tricky one. Long ago I decided that I would use secure passwords (and later passphrases) for anything that wasn't trivial. This necessitated the use of an encrypted database to keep track of them all. At the moment, I'm using hnb with some patches I added for GnuPG symmetric encryption support. The trick is this is unsupported and has some known and deadly bugs. I would prefer something with web, desktop, and command-line front-ends. Easy synchronization and a XML underlying file format would be nice too.

My time management wishlist has been written up previously. In the interim of the original draft of this post and posting it, a solution approaches. Voo2do is a hosted task management service designed exactly the way I wanted. Now, I wish that Google Calendar and Voo2do could be integrated somehow so I could allocate time graphically to working on certain tasks.

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