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Scott Robinson

SC 2006, 0 - 1: A few things to do...

I woke up at 11am on the fourth of November. (Day Zero) That was to be the last bit of rest I would enjoy for over twenty-four hours. I'm writing this post at 7pm in the afternoon of the ninth of November (Day Five) from the main NOC of SuperComputing '06. I'll try my best to recall what has occurred thus far...

I had only remembered SC '06 a few days before Day Zero. My week consisted of two important tasks:

  1. Trying to track down all the Professors (whose classes I hadn't been attending anyway) and finding out if I had any midterms scheduled in the next two weeks.
  2. Purchasing airline tickets to Tampa, Florida for the 5th through the 18th.

In turn, there were two roadblocks to these goals. First, it turns out airline tickets get a little expensive if you buy them with such short notice. Second, Professors' don't think favourably toward smart-asses that never attend class. mel16 and samfu came through on the airline tickets, and my ability to beg came through on the rescheduling of my software engineering and statistics midterms. Things were all ready and set!

Oh, wait, I need to get to SeaTac by 5am, Sunday morning... and I'm stuck in Pullman without a car. Thus began another great search. albinotrash had a good initial lead, but that ended up falling through. In all, I bothered almost everyone whose phone number in 2062299142. It was Summer who ended up coming through, though! Romain (he's back in town) and her made the big drive over to Pullman and then took me out to see Borat! I ♥ my sis.

We ended up leaving Pullman around 5pm, just in time to see crowds pouring out of Martin Stadium and the score 10-20 on the board. Boo! This is me pretending to care! Boo! Stupid crowd is holding up our speedy exit from this town...

Writing about the drive from Pullman to Seattle is probably the only thing more boring than driving from Pullman to Seattle.

I arrived in Seattle and immediately started on my laundry. I connected with samfu and we ended up taking a pointless trip to the airport to pick up my boarding passes. It seems I'll be connecting through Dallas, Texas. I'll apparently rack up two states to my list in this excursion. Arrived a second time at SeaTac around 5am, got through security at 5:30am, and ran to my plane taxiing off at 6am.

I tried napping on the flight. Despite My Super Ex-Girlfriend's campy best efforts, I failed to see the geography in either flight. The fourth time I opened my eyes, it was to the placid ocean and flat shores of Florida. And "they" certainly won't joking about the flatness! (It still boggles me.)

Tampa was full of great first impressions. The airport has free wireless, but no shuttle to my hotel. My assigned roommate (a local) was a champ and gave me a ride to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel had completely fouled up my reservation. Instead of 11/5 - 11/19, it was 11/6 - 11/18... and not paid. After harassing and haranguing for six hours, including the staff being incapable of receiving fax of credit card, finally ended with them giving me a room with the promise it would all be taken care of in the morning.

It was taken care of in the morning.

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