Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

A grain of reputability in disreputability.

Response to samfu's recent post

I'm probably a storyteller because my Father often instilled certain morals in me through the same. One of those stories was about how motivated he was to earn his driver's license. He would climb into his parents' Rambler at night, and drive forward and back in their short driveway in order to gain experience with a clutch. A driver's license and a car represented freedom in his mind. I don't ever think he completely understood why I was never similarly driven.

I've always understood a driver's license simply enlarges my scope of movement. My closest equivalent to his ideal is a college degree. I'll go through distasteful tests of memorization with no relevance to application. I'll pass. Finally, I'll receive my diploma. Because in history, there have been things that earn you the latitude of society: literacy, family, high school, military service.

Right now, I'll choke down my bachelor's and take my freedom.

Tags: pretentious

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