Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Tetris Deathmatch!

One of the baristas at Zoe Cafe plays OG Tetris. If you were along for the Mexico 2006 ride (or simply voyeured), you would know that I too play OG Tetris.

She has thrown down the gauntlet. Come Tuesday evening, I shall pick it up.

I purchased a Vs. cable from eBay, and in the payment process noticed that I had once sold something over eBay. This astounded me, as I don't remember ever doing so.

quadhome: I sold something over eBay?
noisybastard: Perhaps it was a hostage?
quadhome: Haha. Can you imagine being the leader of a terrorist organization and putting up a kidnapped journalist on eBay?
quadhome: "One Slightly Brused Journalist, L@@K!!" Your feedback? "A++++++++ WOULD RANSOM AGAIN!"

So, I guess I need to work on my smack talk...

Tags: spewing

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