Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Facebook Trojan Horse

(DO NOT visit the following URLs. They're for reference only.)

With the recent MySpace exploit that went around, I would have figured the social networking scene would be really sensitive to this. However, that is apparently not the case.

One of Facebook's advertisers is pushing a spyware trojan horse onto their users.

Specifically, they have accepted footer advertising through the Adoptium network. Inside the frame is some Javascript that tries to open popups to a variety of ill-behaved URLs like and

If that fails, as it will in a web browser that isn't Internet Explorer, a variety of other fail-safe conditions occur. Honestly, I don't have the time of patience to explore them. The ending is, essentially, they'll try to upload to your machine. This WMF file uses an "old" exploit to force an install of on to your computer.

And then you're fucked with spyware you can't be rid of.

UPDATE: They accepted advertising in from RealMedia. RealMedia hooks up with PrecisionClick. Twisty passages gets you to Adoptium.

It's not all Facebook's fault. They just wanted some money, and the advertisers of ill-repute apparently pay the best. What a shock.

UPDATE 2: noisybastard: So you're telling me visiting Facebook is now a lot like banging a sorority girl?
quadhome: Or your Mom, yeah.

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