Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

News, news! Oh, the news!

Hey kids, I'm in Richland now. I'm blowing time before my internship with PNNL.

Some stuff I've done thus far? I thought you'd never ask...

I moved the hell out of 26E. And then moved the hell into storage... and, you know, Richland. It was a three day disaster and in actually was a 9+ hour push with the help of littleblueduck and my Dad.

Once I was situated at my new home, I promptly started wasting time and re-installed Ubuntu 6.06 on my laptop. My review: how did they pack all that awesome on one CD? Technical details: alternate install CD, moved my ~/scott/ out of the way and wiped the rest, installing on the same partition.

There is a cat here that has taken quite a shining to me. It follows me everywhere. It sleeps on my bed when I'm sleeping, and tries to spoon with me while I'm using my laptop. It waits outside of the bathroom while I'm using it, and guards me while I'm watching T.V.. She is my first feline disciple - now to gather armies.

Yes, I'm watching T.V.. They have satellite here! I cooked myself a steak, prepared a spinach and balsamic vinegar salad, and obtained an apple. Those food stuffs, the cat, and I all sat in the living room tonight and watched First Blood.

Of course, this dish of irresponsibility is complete by almost intentional disregard and procrastination toward my work: Sentinel and Byte Brothers.

Fuck yeah.

Tags: spewing
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