Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson


Happy Thanksgiving, kids! While the majority of you are heading to sleep with dreams of bountiful feasts in your head, I'm catching up on sleep and work.

I'm also soaking wet.

quad: I'm all fucking wet
Chris Faulkner: Wet?
Chris Faulkner: Why?
quad: Well, bit of a story it is...
quad: I have been suspicious that our dishwasher wasn't workingright for a while.
quad: So I decided to finally sit down and figure it out.
quad: The first trick was the mechanism so that it detects if the door is open.
quad: I found it, and used one of the black chopsticks to hold it open.
quad: So then, I turned hte dial to on.
quad: Immediately it started sputtering and barely moving.
quad: The dishwasher is broken.
quad: But still, it wasn't making the same sounds it usually made.
quad: So I kept investigating.
quad: It turns out that the "on" dial is mis-adjusted.
quad: So that you miss the initial filling stage.
quad: So it fills up with a lot of water first, and then pumps it.
quad: But if there is no water, it can't pump worth shit.
quad: So eventually, I got it pumping again,.
quad: Let it go...
quad: and then, click, it hits the pump cycle.
quad: See - I was already ready for if the water was too much to see if the second stage part came on.
quad: I would just pull the chopstick.
quad: Except, I was so surprised by how fast the pump came on...
quad: SNAP
quad: the chopstick snapped in the latch
quad: and it kept going!
quad: FUCK
quad: Water is pumped all over the kitchen.
quad: I close it.
quad: It keeps going.. washing away.
quad: Well, fuck,now what?
quad: I turn the dial to off.
quad: It keeps going!
quad: The dial was still mis-adjusted!
quad: ARGH
quad: So finally, it takes three or more tries, but I turn it off.
quad: Note: I can't shut hte dishwasher the whole way this whole time becuase of the broken chopstick piece.
quad: So there is no water all over the kitchen floor and me.
quad: Finally, I wedge it out with a knife.
quad: Everything is good again...
quad: except..
quad: I still don't know if the second stage works.
Chris Faulkner: WHY??????
quad: Why what? :-)
quad: Oh, yes! I just went back in and took another look at the tube guide.
quad: I had adjusted it backwards.
quad: I just fixed it.
quad: Second stage works.  
quad: Yay for a working dishwasher!
Tags: humour
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