Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

My body got still like a paraplegic.

It originated as a prank for a friend of ours. It has since grown into a sociological study.

By the powers inadvertantly invested in me by Washington State University and the SMTP server resolution process, I created her dream man in digital form.

Please remove Kasey Kahne from facebook.

I feel a measure of loyalty to my friends, even if they don't have a sense humour. So, I removed our boy from my friend's fanclub. Little did I realize the awesome power of a NASCAR driver.

Without poking a single person, messaging any friends, or leveraging my social circle the falsehood began developing a fanbase.

Kasey Kahne's Facebook wall.

"Friend" after "friend" from all across the country came out of the woodwork. More entertainingly, they began sending very personal messages:

Of course, some people weren't put over by my clever rouse...

And some people really shown have known better.

And there is always the occasional crazy.

What does this say about the Internets? Oh I think you know.

Tags: humour
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