Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Encrypted notes.

This is getting to become a silly issue. I need a new encrypted note keeping system.

My current solution is a custom patch on hnb implementing a filter system. I'll be the first to admit the fix is hacky and mostly-broken. However, it has solved the problem to this point.

hnb is a great progam with excellent usability. It's also orphaned upstream. Unsupported software is bad news.

Then what are my requirements? Let's examine the use cases:

  • Remote password retrieval.
    The majority of the time I'm away from tara. This is currently solved via invoking an ssh sesson. A more perfect solution would be a web interface.
  • Contact information retrieval.
    No PIM has satisfied me. I simply don't feel right leaving said information exposed.
  • Generic notekeeping.
    I have increasingly been using Tomboy and custom wikis for this use case.

Further examination leaves me inclined to change my initial hypothesis. Instead of just wanting an improved encrypted note keeping system, I want:

  1. A secure password database with a console, GUI and web interface.
  2. A secure PIM with a console, GUI and web interface. vCard support would be great too.
  3. An extension to Tomboy changing its backend to a Subversion repository.
  4. A pony.
Tags: pretentious
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