Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson


... and not in the scuzzy sense. I have been busting ass for the last few weeks. However, I'll take a break for enough time to hook you up.

? random facts about me. I decided to do this in an entertaining (to me) method. Without further adeu, here are 20 random facts abouts me as asked by my friends.

  1. Danele Shoemaker: how big is your penis?
    Scott Robinson: Mammoth.
  2. Dalene Schafer: what is your favorite color?
    Scott Robinson: My favourite colour is blue.
    Scott Robinson: I also try to use the British spelling as much as possible. ;-)
  3. Matt Gehr: when was the last time a guy hit on you?
    Scott Robinson: I don't remember. I think when I was attending Seattle Central. I imagine I put off very strong "straight" vibes.
  4. Frank Buckley: How many states do you have relatives in?
    Scott Robinson: California, Oregon, Washington easy. New York and at least one of the central states.
  5. Chris Faulkner: ... what house pets does your family have, if any?
    Scott Robinson: We had a cat named Callie. She died years ago. None since then.
  6. Scott Francis: how much was your tux rental?
    Scott Robinson: The tux was about $100.
  7. Scott Robinson: You know me too well for this to work.
    Scott Robinson: I'm trying to save myself the mental effort of figuring out 20 random facts about myself.
    Lizbeth Kono: oh
    Lizbeth Kono: random facts
    Lizbeth Kono: your two favorite holidays are international talk like a pirate day and no pants day
    Lizbeth Kono: your least favorite holiday is thanksgiving day, but your favorite food is pumpkin pie
    Lizbeth Kono: you have a sliver in an unmentionable area
    Scott Robinson: STOP NOW
    Lizbeth Kono: you are capable of sleeping for 36 hour time periods
    Lizbeth Kono: and... oh
    Lizbeth Kono: ok
    Lizbeth Kono: you dont need more?

I tag noisybastard (talk to girls), moxiediosa (carnie), shoez (sheetz), mrminnesota (get married!), and edwinruleall (you were always so popular).

And finally, painful irony.

Tags: humour

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