Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Crack of dawn.

jawdropper‘s fashion show was surprisingly enjoyable! samfu and my thought process proceeded something along these lines: where else can you sit in an audience primarily composed of females, watching attractive young models strut on a catwalk runway wearing the latest in eye-catching clothing designs? “It’s like a strip club but classy” remark the philistines dressed in the latest thrice-worn spring compositions inspired by their youthful expeditions to Seattle white trash settlements.

2 AM in Pullman, Washington (-0700 UTC) is what time in Laredo, Texas (-0500 UTC)? It’s 4 AM. I’m sure Senor Cavazos was not the biggest fan of receiving a phone call at that time. Regardless, I think it was an exercise in enjoyable conversation. That “kid” grew up, and his voice deepened since the last time we spoke. (~4 years ago?)

This post precludes me posting anything else interesting today.

Tags: spewing
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