Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Drunk Post!

Hi! I'm a little inebriated right now! I'm reading all this Terri Schiavo (I copy pasted that because there is no way I could type it) shit and thinking to myself, "OH MY GOD DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE."

Oops, I published a political belief. Fuck. I shouldn't do this because it would ruin all my trolling.

Let it be known, here and now, on this very official forum that I want want to DIE.

Seriously though, screw the feeding tube! Even if I became a parapalegic or something whack like that, work something out. Call a killer in from Thailand! MY QUALITY OF LIFE IS SHOT


The Moody Blues rock too.

Also, burn me and scatter my ashes to the ocean - unless the prices of launching me into space come down.
Upon sober further consideration, I realized this post probably wouldn't count as a living will as I was drunk when writing it. If there ever was a legal battle, it would be entertaining to have a drunk blog post be argued over.

I meant it all.
Tags: spewing
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