Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Head above *gurgle*.

This is not success. You are not succeeding!

I’m keeping my head barely above water, and failing embarrassingly at progressing. School, Wing Chun, work, and personal projects - you name it! I wish I could will myself to properly utilize the time I inevitably watch tick down. Peer pressure is apparently my single motivator. It’s either a saving grace, or an indication of paranoia, that I feel it sourced from so many places.

Thinking this way further bothers me. Time management is a huge industry - my sentiment is not unique. I know I’m doing better than I have most of my life. Furthermore, there exist other people who envy what little progress I feel I have made.

Relativism? That is bunk!
I need to get out of this funk!
Tags: pretentious
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