Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Plan: Marketing plan for versus game.

  1. Develop game to a working demo state.

  2. Become an X-Box licensed developer.

  3. Begin testing early in cycle. Use as much of Microsoft’s test teams - take suggestions from the testers! This generates hype via the inevitable information leaks.

  4. Invite industry writers through out development process, and send quarterly test demo versions. Generate hype by being good to the press.

  5. Announce $10k tournament. Partner with iGames to freely distribute game to X-Boxed LAN centers.

  6. Use MSNBC and loving press to keep continual updates and hype on the game and tournament - this drives sales.

  7. Use LAN centers as local -> sectional -> regional tournaments. Top regional winners go to televised national tournament. Top X-Box Live winners go too.

  8. Partner with GameCaster/MTV/Spike for national broadcast of final tournament.

  9. Announce free patch based on year’s data, update game, and move to year #2 of tournament. Maintain hype.

If you follow these steps, males will be all over you. It can only just build. You probably don’t even need to release that good of a game.

Flaws, suggestions, ideas to make it better?
Tags: pretentious
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