Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Give me a different reason to be depressed.

Strahl knows how to throw a party. samfu knows how to drink. kung_fu_mike knows where it is at. jawdropper knows what being top-tier is all about. matrixboarder knows how to be scarce. I know how to dangle a participle.

President's Day weekend was eventful. I wanted to go steam-tunneling but did not have the opportunity.

My bike needs to go to the shop for some TLC. I've been riding on samfu's for the last couple days.

The apartment is crazy dirty, and it is annoying me. I need to reduce my stressors.

ADDENDUM: Thanks, samfu, for doing the Right Thing last night. Addiction is something you recover from for the rest of your life.
Tags: spewing

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