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Scott Robinson

Highscore Afterlife

This evening marks the first time I wished I owned a cell phone. Normally, I can rationalize these feelings; but, tonight, my internal monologue failed. “Where are they? You could just call them, but you don’t own a cell phone,” rather than “Hahaha. Sans a cell, and I’m free again! I can’t wait until everyone in the world has them except me.”

It certainly doesn’t help that area codes are in a state of half-obsolescence. I talked about this with my Father a bit (over Skype), and I think we both agree Moore’s law will kill the Central Office/demarcation point. 100 years ago, they consumed towers and the difference between inter- and intra-LATA was a matter of real and great import. 24 years ago, they consumed squat buildings and the difference between inter- and intra-LATA was a matter of logistics. Now, they consume boxes in your neighborhood and the difference between inter- and intra-LATA is a matter of politics. The “cloud” is Internet routed (or uses the same principles), and the last mile has a hundred technologies fighting for dominance.

On the upside, I’m at the leading edge of a generation where information transfer is almost global, resistance-free, and inexpensive. The disruptions have already begun, but I just wish we could all “get there” faster. This causes me no end of frustration.

samfu and I enjoyed watching the Soprano’s tonight. We went through the first four episodes, and were surprised. We expected a hardcore capo drama. Instead, we enjoyed a show composed of half comedy, and half 7th Heaven. Did you know the Shrink in the show is the same actor as the female antagonist in Hackers? We were totally floored - she became more attractive with age, and improved her acting abilities.
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