Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

The Faint, and reasons to lose your keys.

As you're an acute individual, you observed kung_fu_mike, samfu, and Y.T. voyaged to the westside with the laser focused intention of attending a concert. Rumour had it the Faint would crash the party, and we just could not allow ourselves to fail to take advantage of the situation. So, upon the morn of November 6th, our merry band of travellers-three set our course toward the Jet City. A scant five hours later, we settled upon the region like so many have before us.

The Faint "rocked" the proverbial... whatever might find itself rocked. Certainly, all individual items in the vicinity, having the property of being able to be rocked, found themselves rotating around their favourite axis with suprising regularity. For those so inclined, pictures are available. samfu had previously been concert-without. However, similarly to most early sexual encounters, it seems the experience has lended a certain measure of enthusiasm for concerts in the future. I hope he remembers to pay back his debt with interest.

I lost my keychain... and the attached keys. We searched the domiciles of both Ben, and my past life. Unfortunately, my belief is the items in question have travelled to a world upon where they can enjoy a life distinctly tailored to shaved pieces of metal. I'm left at a disadvantage, finding myself unable to open work tomorrow morning or open my mailbox tonight.

How was your weekend?
Tags: pretentious

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