Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Kill Your Television.

It’s no secret to my family, close friends, and theoretically anyone on the Internet that I do not normally watch television. Many years ago television time turned into computer time. My current abode is failing in both the cable TV and broadcast sections. This doesn’t mean I never watch television. In fact, it means my time with the tube is treasured much more.

I watched CNN this evening. kung_fu_mike took me out to Azia. He wore red, I wore boxers and a blanket. Inside is a big-screen television tuned into America Votes 2004.

At the bottom of said mammoth viewing screen is a section of the CNN broadcast captioned “News Briefs.” It is intended to provide the viewer summaries of current affairs via fading between said summaries for fifteen or so seconds each. In the thirty or so minutes I watched, I was informed about important current affairs like:

Tags: humour

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