February 25th, 2008


Shown up.

I went all of January without whispering sweet nothings to you. I have been determined to not pass February the same way. If Chris can find the time to blather, by Jove, so can I.

B.S., Computer Science

In December, I participated in my graduation ceremony at Washington State University. Excepting a need to jump through a few final administrative hoops, my long and strange adventure in formal education has come to a close. On this blog, I intentionally made infrequent mention of my schooling. ...

Sorry, I can't complete that thought. The sentence conjured wistful emotions. Regardless, the vacation is over now and I'm back to real life. My rationale for the whole experience was justified. End result: I'm not a better person - I'm more complex.

And it would hurt too much to publish a postmortem.

North Ballard? Crown Hill? I call it home.

I moved. Into a townhouse. With mel16 and Sam! It's pretty swank and it's an incredible location. Two grocery stores right outside my front door. Oh yeah, just in time shopping for the win.

8560B Mary Ave
Seattle, WA


We've known for quite some time that I accepted a position at Microsoft. And, just shy of a year later, I've begun my post. Almost every person I met during my interview had either quit or moved in the intervening reorgs. When I walked in on my first day, both my manager and I were completely unknown qualities to one another.

Yes, of course, I'm still adjusting to the culture. I come from a strong open source background. Things are working out, though. If/when I decide to start a MSDN blog, I'll link to it from all the right places.

New Girl

I don't normally announce when these things start. Just when they end. The idea is to not jinx it. But, I'm feeling abnormally positive about sa_rah.

Also, Facebook kinda takes all the surprise away.

Startup Weekend Seattle

At kung_fu_mike's prompting, I participated in Startup Weekend. You can read about the creation of Skillbit and maybe even a few words about my short experience in leading 30-some developers on the blog.

This will receive a complete postmortem. Expect it on ship and cross-posted to Startup Thoughts. But, as a teaser, here are the key decisions I (successfully?) applied in cat wrangling:

  1. Match your software's organization around your team's organization.
  2. Pair every developer.
  3. Dedicated teachers.
  4. Set milestones - measure progress.
  5. Set deadlines - just to break them.
  6. Facilitate FUN!

Brain Damage

The hard drive died on my laptop. For me, this is functional equivalent to a stroke. My brain is undergoing expensive exploratory surgery. I have high hopes for a partial recovery.

Suffice to say, I also have notes (on paper) for a comprehensive post on my new backup strategies.

Odds and Ends

  • I'm the best man for Kirk's wedding?! Which reminds me to buy tickets.
  • I bought an acoustic guitar. And have started learning to play it. I suck but oh my god I missed making music.
  • DJ Shadow / Cut Chemist & Kid Koala. Damn good show, and well worth the money.
  • Smash Brothers Brawl. So good. I bought a Wii in preparation.

And that, my friends, is a wrap up. Real content, real soon!