October 3rd, 2007


Anything but country.

I’m becoming crotchety in my old age.

The inflection point must have been recently. But, the valuing of style above substance is viscerally unattractive. This isn’t a sexual attractiveness - but on a human interaction basis.

Picasso's Guernica

Here are a few hints that you’re not fooling anyone:

  • How well known is your favored art?
  • Is your favored music important?
  • How celebrated is your favored director?
  • Why should people read your favored author?
  • How unique is your dress?
  • Who wouldn’t be right for your religion?
  • Is being a polygot indicative of intelligence?

Cultural products don’t exist in of themselves. They’re a result of social processes. Defining yourself by other’s cultural products means you define yourself by other people. I’m interested in the derivatives you have produced.

But, you would never judge someone by their expressed cultural preferences? Uhh, me neither.