September 13th, 2007


My First Open Mic

I trainwrecked.

But, that was to be expected. Today was crappy. And, delivering a bad stand-up comedy set at the end of it was cathartic. Starting around noon, I spent my hours being interrupted while trying to write jokes. Around 5:15p, I decided I didn’t have the vibe. So, when I arrived at Northside, I pulled out my notebook and walked around looking for funny things.

Jokes that went over well:

  1. The Facebook joke.
  2. Girl asks, “are you a Comm major?” “No, I’m just a drunk.”

After my set, I called Joey up on stage and he proceeded to rock the audience. He really demonstrated the difference between actually funny people and ones who are clever. I hope I can run into him again before the end of my time here - he’s always fun.

Dan, blush_response, and Rachelle showed up as moral support. I appreciated it.

I didn’t appreciate the moody bullshit afterward. That is starting to get old.

Update: Was it me? Really, was it me? Rachelle, before educating someone, ask if they already know. That phone call was inconsiderate.