May 23rd, 2007


28 Weeks Later

I just finished watching 28 Weeks Later with Carla, Chad, Chris, and blush_response. The budget in it is clearly much greater than the original 28 Days Later. The movie itself was inconsistently great - I would be totally engrossed by a scene, and then a two second clip of the most retarded events would be shown. After a while, I stopped handling the level of dissonance and simply let go.

I don’t like letting go.

It’s the same reason I hate watching television. The characters are stupid. Not stupid in a “I think this paper-thin caricature of a human archetype is too simplistic” but in a “why do you consistently make choices to everyone’s detriment considering the information you have been supplied?” Watching this is physically painful to me - my consciousness rebels from the incredulity. I will get up and leave unless I’m socially bound to continue viewing. Sam and I vs. the first ten minutes of National Treasure is an infamous example. I believe the consistent level of stupidity on television damages our civilization.

One of the aspects I loved about the original 28 Days Later was the characters were not stupid. There are several scenes in which the characters are coldly rational. Consider Selena’s decisive and brutal murder of Mark. She wasn’t sure if he was infected or not - but his momentary hesitation gave her all the reason in the world to end his life. It is my hope that every person I know would have responded the same in a similar situation. The stakes were too high and the danger too clear and present.

Yeah, I judge people based on how I think they would respond to a hypothetical zombie attack.

After the movie, we ceremonially gathered around in the parking lot and discussed our perspectives. I think it was Chad who threw out the evil genius idea: a flash mob of Rage infected zombies. You’d need about 20 people with fake blood and contact lenses. Have one person start it up, attacking another and splattering the “blood” all around. Given the speed of “infection,” the mob would be at full steam quickly. If I was a civilian, I would start running as soon as I saw the pandemonium. If I was armed, I don’t know how I would respond. A rational Scott says fire a warning shot in the air and shout an admonition at the actors. But, hell if I wouldn’t be close to fright when 20 realistic zombies all fixed their panicked bloodshot eyes on me.

You didn’t hear this idea here first.