September 8th, 2006


The swing chronicles, continued.

Chris (noisybastard) and I went out to swing night again. As I'm running on a sleep deficit, I was having problems keeping track of the fact I had a dance partner - let alone steps, or anything complex. Still, I forced both of us to head out on the dance floor and continue with the embarrassment.

Honestly, I felt like I regressed. I knew I was so off the beat, I couldn't work myself up to do any of the more interesting moves I know. One of my partners (who I had danced with the week before) commented on this, noting she was a little disappointed. I apologized and explained the situation - which she kindly understood.

Scott, you are so lame.

I need to improve my east coast fundamentals. I'm in such an odd situation since I don't have the transitional (read: obvious) learning of both basic moves and basic steps - just steps. Which is also bad, because it throws off my partners. I can only learn the timing through forcing myself to dance to the music. Unfortunately, I only have that opportunity once a week.

Chris Walters is teaching swing classes at the University, and he said it would be alright if I dropped into them. I'd feel a little dishonest, as I haven't paid for the classes. But I don't believe I'll stop sucking unless I find a way to obtain more practice than once a week.

This is the part where I find someone to dance with on my kitchen floor, nightly.