August 22nd, 2006


Oh noes, sarin gas attack!

Tonight, Alaina (jawdropper), Lenka, Hil albinotrash, Chris and Katie came over Chris (noisybastard) and my place to eat tacos.

That's really about it. I played around with spices and flash cooking, in an attempt to have a little fun. I think it scared everyone; but, when you live with Chris (noisybastard), a little cayenne pepper can't compete against midnight tear gas attacks.

Tomorrow is day two of classes. I'm not mentally in the game yet. I'm still too distracted with the business of last weekend.

I'm also pre-starving, as I'm fasting for the lab workups tomorrow. Here is finding out I'm a healthy boy with trainwreck African-American genetics. At least it's not diabetes or sickle-cell, right?