March 14th, 2006


Day One

3-12 Sunday (6:27)

I just tabulated the amount of money we spent just arranging our
flights. Of our original $926.63 budget, we have 543.77 remaining. I
think. My subtraction on paper skills are rusty. I am surprised no one
laughed at me using my fingers.

We brought food, books, ID and our "master sheet" into the flight area.
Now we wait... a while.

We were singing "derka-derka, muhammed jihad" in the extra-security
check area. Yeah, I know, not smart.

8:05pm cannot come sooner. Sam just curled up to sleep. I think I am
going to explore.

Hmm, other relevant info. The exchange rate is 1:10. Kinda like Japan
(1:100) but... you know... not.

12:02pm Pacific March 13th

I am not sure what just happened. No, that is a lie. I am. This trip is
blessed. Or, we just blew our good traveler's luck. Before we even got
to Puerto Vallarta. Here we go:

I wandered around SeaTac blowing time until our flight was scheduled. My
new atomic watch's alarm was set to 7:30pm a time I figured would get me
back to the plane on time. I haven't wandered around SeaTac for a while
and my old childhood joy was riding the shuttle around the concourses. I
decided that it seemed like a great idea, so I went in a vauge search.

Before arriving, I ended up wandering into the Bastion of Consumerism.
The last time I was in SeaTac was for an airplane flight back to Pullman
when I couldn't find a ride. They were in the middle of a massive
remodelling project then. It's completed now.

Before me I saw multiple stories of glass, dozens of markets, internet
hotspots and generally the airport traveller's (with money) mecca. I was

I got a free bag from Starbucks to carry my IDs, books and other
miscellaneous stuff.

I found my way to the trains and waiting for the first one to come. )I
was at the south terminal.) I ended up meeting a Canadian group that had
just returned from Puerto Vallarta. They gave me some advice for places
to checkout. In return, I helped them find their way to the C concourse.

I then went to the bathroom.

I wandered back to our gate (D1) after a short phone call with my Dad
where I found out all our film might be fucked.

I would like to note that the music video for Pink - Stupid Girls is
hilarious. It's on our free hotel room's MTV. More on that soon.

I found Sam and tricked him out of his seat. The girl that was sitting
to his previous right was reading Cosmo. So, I politely asked if I could
read over her shoulders. She said "OK" so I occupied myself that way
until our plane boarded.

It boarded. Sam said my entry behavior would get me kicked out of the
plane. The stewardesses were laughing. I respectfully disagreed and then
threatened to refund his boarding pass. He gotit swiped and ran into the

Neither of us got the window seat. Instead, it was a cute Japanese girl
named Asuka. I invited her into our round robin game of Tetris.

Ahh Tetris. It would be hard to summarized the amount of effort I spent
to get a classic Gameboy and an original copy of Tetris. Sam thought it
was bullshit. He said so many times.

He also started playing on the very flight he said he wouldn't. Probably
because he was sitting right next to the cutie who said:

"When Japanese people get a Tetris, we are happy."

I got the Japanese girl to exchange contact info with Sam.

I listened to her flash media player with J-Rock and pretended to like
it. I started sucked at Tetris. Whatever.

To my left, across the aisle, was a drunk Husky mother who was razzing
me. We got into a conversation and passed back and forth Cougar/Husky
shittalk. Turns out she had gone into real estate instead of pharmacy as
her degree would have indicated.

She said the degree helps. I believe her.

Before ever exchanging names, she heard my story and offered a place to
crash during our 12 hour layover in SFO.

Her hotel room.

It's ok though, she has an 18 year old son who is a Freshman at ASU with
a fake ID.

We got our baggage, went to the airport Marriot, and she WTF sprung for
a separate room for Sam and I.

We then went drinking at T.G.I.Friday's with her son and her.

We arrve at T.G.I.F. and she orderes three drinks of our choice for each
of the four of us. Sam has long islands, Scooter (Steve) has Buds, I
have Coronas, and she has vodka martinis.

We all get loud. Loud enough to attract the attention of a group of
gang-bangerish gentlemen to our table.

They ended up being our friends. We end up getting Puerto Vallarta
advice from one of them who is always in Jalisco. They mistook Scooter
and Sam as twin brothers. We met a girl who wanted to move to Seattle.

It was crazy.

Did I mention they played Tetris on their sidekicks?

Patty (the Mom) bought one of every appetizer and then left because she
needed to get up early. She told me to take care of her drunk son. I did
my absolute best.

We're all back, safely in our hotel rooms. Sam and I are journaling...
well, he's taking a shower now. Puerto Vallarta is 14 hours away.