February 17th, 2006


Dan, that is bullshit.

Dan, MySpace won't let me respond to your post without getting an account.

It will be lame if you drop out because of withdrawing from a single class. There are plenty of students who are taking 300 and 400 level courses without having certified. The Department is interested in turning out graduates - and everyone screws up once in a while.

Like me - as of around 12:30 pm today, I am no longer an employee of Student Computing Services. Honestly, my response is somewhere between "yay" and "I was having problems figuring out how to put them on my resume."


Commercial Break

I'm breaking my single post a day rule with an announcement:

I have one free permanent LiveJournal account to give away!

noisybastard suggested I eBay it off, but I have significantly more heart than that. Instead, I'm offer it to you - all my favourite addicts. I'm not sure what I want to do as a competition, as I don't have the time for that sort of humourous creativity at the moment. I know I won't running a "who gives the best blowjobs" competition, contrary to further suggestions from the roomie...

Instead, consider this a preamble post. Feel free to comment with suggestions for fun contests - preferably one you'll be a shoe in.

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