December 2nd, 2005


A turning point for Sentinel Online.

Until this point, I have made it a rule to not discuss my current work. However, as my managers have been public about sensitive details, I can justify a personal exception for veiled pontification.

It is 4:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

I have been involved in the conception, development and early stages of the maturation for our current product. However, due to a series of unfortunate events, the piece of software responsible for the consumption of months of my creative energies is fated for deprecation. I was not directly responsible for these events - but I am directly responsible for the end result. I can vividly recall a point in my life when this news would have sent me into an emotional spiraling plummet. Instead, I have spent the last several hours researching the likely problems and possible solutions our future software will face.

It won't be easy. We have tuned our feature set, sharpened our scope, and have many eyes on the prize. We are well informed, familiar with the involved technologies, and considered competent. We also have several non-trivial issues to overcome. We are speedily trailblazing ahead in a paced and deliberate market.

And that is the technical side.

The typical collection of difficulties a startup company encounters have raised their heads. On each occasion we have readjusted with the agility only a small outfit can muster. But the eleventh hour is approaching - an end to our limited resources is near - we have found ourselves in a place of solicitation limbo.

So, I worry. I believe in our goals. I dream of curing this itch millions of people are incapable of scratching. I want it with such conviction, I have mentally entertained hypothetical situations of somehow continuing onward without support. I do not want to be defeated by what feels like another speed bump. I do not want to be defeated.


  • I want to bootstrap a proper cooking website.
  • I want to create an Internet relationship playground.
  • I want to take a crack at solving (a part) of the distributed filesystem problem.
  • I want to be less reputable.
  • I want to rest.

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