November 26th, 2005


My idea of an excellent evening - good night!

My last nocturnal cycle was enjoyable. I awoke "early" enough to study at the Daily Grind with buildmuscle. While we were there, I received a phone call from the young lady who didn't understand what I said clearly - twice. Abusing my politeness is one of those acts that has the unremarkable ability to grate on my nerves.


buildmuscle then received another one of his evil brainwaves and suggested I force things super-clear in the most entertaining way (to him) possible. Initially, I rejected his proposal strenuously - it's very not-quadhome. However, 40 minutes of peer pressure and I'm as gentle as a newborn babe...

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I'll admit, after it was done, I was entertained too. When all pretenses of disappearing quietly are abandoned, being a direct jerk is just as effective.

I arrived home later, and was delighted by action on bar_in_taiwan. A new post and pictures! I took care of the behind the scene details while considering the consumption of a slice of slightly burnt pumpkin pie. No pie, but a new gallery has been uploaded. The evening only improved when I received an IM-buddy request from my Father! We chatted for a while, but he had to leave as someone else wanted to use the computer.

I settled in for the night, and decided to finish the homework due at the end of the break. The assignment wasn't difficult - so I had some fun and reimplemented the recursive search algorithm using a co-routine and a stack.

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