August 25th, 2005


A review.

In a fit of jealous creativity, I am going to try to defeat singingjana's record size posts. To aid me in this effort, I draw forth my literary jujitsu powers of summarization. That is correct boys and girls, it is time for the Summer of 2005 review!

samfu and I have long been in planning for a roadtrip to Mexico. The main trick to such an extravaganza was our lack of vehicular transport. It would not be much of a roadtrip without a car. However, our deep faith in God providing all things was again reinforced. A $200 Nissan Sentra fell in our lap. After a few false starts in the naming process, it was dubbed Indy. "The dog's name was Indiana."

Quickly moving along, the misadventure of moving into our new apartment occurred. I'm sure it has been profusely and accurately documented enough.

If this post was chronologically ordered, things would happened here. Wait, it is! Alas, my memory fails to stretch so far back.

The distinctly American independence holiday came. Coincidently, so did my younger sister asparagus_m - back from the distinctly European country of France! She brought with her a surprising addition too. I'd like to introduce you to, Mr. Romain Mercier! He is to become my Brother-in-Law. Opinions vary!

I went hiking at a couple of locales. The first was a multi-day expedition to and from Lena Lakes located in the Olympics. This has been documented and photographed. The second was a day-trip to Palouse Falls with some new company. If asked nicely, I could probably hook you up with some pictures too.

This season just would not be complete without incredibly off-the-wall decisions. Want to grab some tacos - from California? Don't mind if I do, as they're inarguably the greatest tacos in the northern hemisphere! (274mi + 216mi + 934mi + 1330mi) = 2754 miles later, I believe I am one of two people in the world to enjoy Tacos el Unico in three different states.

Ostensibly, I worked up some cajoles and challenged myself to defeat the figurative concept of a metric century. Meanwhile in your reality, I allowed myself to believe illepic doubted my ability finish the bicycle course. One "borrowed" Sirrus, record heat in the Palouse, and 100km later I emerged victorious. Suck it, Trebek.

Which brings your fearless journalist to the current day and some content-free introspection. WSU's Fall semester is beginning and the town of Pullman is filling up with traffic accidents. I think back on this summer and feel it was the perfect duration. I don't clearly remember the end of spring, so we can call this a good deal.

I guess my attempt at length failed. I simply am not infused with the blogging spirit. C'est la vie.