August 19th, 2005


Psyching myself up.

I'm entering the Tour de Lentil. What the hell am I thinking?! Oh, right, this is what I'm thinking.

My post to the WSU Cycling mailing list is indicative of the situation:

From: Scott Robinson <>
Subject: Tour de Lentil information.

The Lentilfest website is pretty useless in this regard, so I'm hoping
someone on this mailing list can help me out.

I'm considering doing the Tour de Lentil. However, I don't know the
route. Can anyone who knows the route advise?

I'm an amateur mountain biker - and don't have a road bike in town. I'd
be riding on a Specialized FSRxc. (:wince:) The distance of 65mi doesn't
phase me, but it's always nice to know the grades ahead of time...

Thanks, in advance, for any help!


Wish me luck! I am definitely going to need it.