June 13th, 2005


also what?

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I am composing this entry clad in the dregs of my clothing, and sitting on a comfortable couch in the CUE lab. This might sound like horrible news, and it is in ways you're not expecting.

The move is complete. We have transferred almost all our possessions from the various caches they were squirreled away in. samfu's mattress and box spring are still in buildmuscle's apartment pending the use of a truck with a flatbed. As a bonus, I also successfully liberated two furnishings from the old apartment.

The new apartment is filled with half-opened boxes utilized on-demand.

Did I mention I went to the west-side this weekend? It was an O.K. mini-vacation excepting the fact all our towels and all my clothing are still there. Here is to hoping noisybastard will be able to grab them on his way back here.

How was your weekend?