June 1st, 2005


Come over here and show Charlie Murphy your...

I'm composing this entry clothed only in my underwear, prostrate at the foot of albinotrash's bed. This might sound like great news, and it is in ways you're probably not expecting.

albinotrash is in Pennsylvania, having a time of her life as I understand it.

samfu and I got while the getting was good from College Crest nee Campus Commons, but found ourselves without a landing pad. After a long day of work, our personal effects have been sequestered in a variety of locations1234. After a long night of work, all that remains in our previous abode is:

  1. samfu punch hole.
  2. quadhome punch hole.
  3. Break-dancing hole. (Large)
  4. Break-dancing hole. (Small)
  5. Break-dancing hole. (Medium)
  6. White book shelf.
  7. Glass and wood coffee table.
  8. Wooden corner table.
  9. A bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  10. A bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  11. Toilet paper.

This is why we don't expect our deposit back. "Fuck your couch, nigga. Fuck your couch!"

[1] jawdropper and friends. (The Girls.) [2] buildmuscle. (Vilhelm.) [3] albinotrash. (Hil.) [4] The hill above College Crest. (I hope it does not... crap, it's raining.)