May 27th, 2005



After reading so many headlines about it, I decided to dedicate a few hours and see what the noise was about.

Worst constitution ever. If I were French, I would reject it too. It will be surprising if it passes any referendums. Passing in parliament is easier as special interests can get at MPs... I mean, the condensation of the various European treaties into a unified document is excellent progress!

Take a glance for yourself. The document starts well intentioned, though a bit extravagant. But it falls apart around Part IV and the Final Act. Perhaps I’m a bit odd, but I believe a constitution should be readable and the associated by-laws should be obtuse.

Regardless, who am I but some American who should not be concerned about the affairs of other nations? Someone might even link this post as an example of further imperialism.

Update: Yes, it’s true, I check ABA Games on a daily basis. You don’t have to be such a jerk about it. It’s around the time of year for a great new game.