April 21st, 2005


Consumer support options.

Many things I own (or want to own) are selected exclusively through filtering with a set of pseudo-educated criteria. This process almost invariably results in a single selection which, coincidently, is the product I advocate purchasing. The upshot to this act of mental masturbation is a variety of bigoted pre-canned responses whenever someone makes the mistake of asking me for advice.

I have strong brand association with the company who manufactured my backpack. Ignoring any number of blase yet humble rationales, the reason is because my first memorable backpack was a JanSport. The next one just had to be a JanSport because the design had already proved its durability against my unpredictable lifestyle. As did the next... and the next... until we come to the present time. I own a JanSport backpack, and it’s finally dying. The front pocket’s zipper has been functionally inoperative since Junior High but remained an excellent method of meeting kind people. The right strap has been Boy Scout-tied since the plastic regulator snapped in half. However, the more important access control upon the main compartment is failing. This cannot be jury rigged or worked around.

This company I “support” is notoriously ethical. Any occasion I mention my intentions toward purchasing a new backpack, someone rejoins suggesting I take advantage of the full lifetime warranty. (in United States and Canada) But, my personal behavior codes apparently preclude this possibility.

I suppose what I’m saying in this post is, does someone know where I can buy a replacement around Pullman? My model is a cross between the Right Pack and Super Break. I’d purchase one of those online except:

  1. The Right Pack has two front pockets. That is one beyond the optimal number.
  2. The Super Break lacks a suede leather bottom. Also, its online description includes the phrase “supa flavas.”