March 2nd, 2005


At large, part 1.

The weekend started with a sunny Friday.

The standard crew, with the welcome addition of jawdropper, made our way down to Chief Joe fields with frisbees in hand. Our recently purchased cell phones1 2 had bequeathed a false sense of confidence, but even the furious application of their auto-dialing and voice-mailing abilities succeeded only in crushing our spirits. Springing from a distinct lack of players, no game of ultimate was written in our collective fates - but the late arrival of matrixboarder and Special K. was a welcome alternative.

Azia was consumed. Not in the unlikely possibility of a rouge swarm of gregarious locusts destroying the food, owners, building and environs but rather the more believable Hong Kong Blood Opera-style entrance, ordering, and feeding upon succulent prepared dishes of Chinese and Vietnamese origin. It's a shame you weren't there. A few hours later, kung_fu_mike, samfu and I lived the stereotypical Mexican dream. Packed in an El Camino surnamed Elc-Dogg, we traveled west at approximately 60 miles per hour toward the Emerald City. Our arrival was heralded only by boiling water and a repetition of earlier actions. We ate spaghetti - this will be a common theme.

The weekend continued with the loss of Saturday morning to dreams.

With the swiftly arriving afternoon came an even swifter, and acutely painful Wing Chun education. We busied ourselves with minutia of House Warming Party preparation. It should be explained that we feel, as actively protesting post-feministic masculine entities, cleaning house ain't our thing. With laziness firmly in play, we ditched and meandered toward Golden Gardens Park - frisbee in tow.

Oh, Frisbee, you harsh mistress. Approximately half way to the park, a certain Matt Gehr induced my electronic leash to jingle-jangle. Proposals were made, details were arranged, and scant few minutes later we had turned back toward our origin - our inner eyes fixed in rapture at the imagined rendezvous with danger in our future. We weren't to be disappointed. In perfect simultaneous synchrony, a train began passing on the nearby BNSF railway. We would have been ashamed if word "got out" that we hadn't hitched a ride. Thus a plan was formulated and much too quickly implemented. We dashed across four lanes of car traffic, scrambled up a bramble covered slope, and walked on to the grade. samfu and I were the first to move - accelerating up to parity with the locomotive, we performed cowboy-styled swinging maneuevers and began our illicit transit. kung_fu_mike followed, but in haste we all forgot about Frisbee. Frisbee was not having any of this illegal and dangerous business. kung_fu_mike tried replicating our entry maneuvers, but frisbee lodged itself in his right hand.

I watched a man fall underneath a train and survive with only a sprained knee. Is it ok my heart skipped a beat?

We made it home, some faster than others. The party had not yet started, so we continued frosting. The economics of drug dealing were presented and discussed. 300% mark-up is excellent in any form of arbitrage. Our inevitable downward spiral into boredom was arrested by the arrival of a 240SX and an AE86. Our evening had begun...

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