February 8th, 2005


New Operating System!

I removed Debian unstable and installed Ubuntu. Including the time wasted on the first failed install, the whole process consumed approximately four hours from start to sweetness.

I moved the entirety of my old installation into a sub-directory named “debian-old”, and told Ubuntu to install upon my already initialized partition. About 15 minutes later “Warty Warthog” (4.10) installed, and about an hour later “Hoary Hedgehog” (5.04) was running.

The remainder of the time was spent installing, and copying the configuration, of all the software I need to get work done. EasyTAG, Eclipse, Firefox, Gossip, hnb, irssi, Liferea, LogJam, Maple, Mozilla Calendar, Muine, Mutt, sitecopy, Skype, TinyFugue, Tomboy, and Totem are integral to my workflow. Their supporting infrastructure consists of Apache 2, DAR, ESMTP, fetchmail, gcc and g++, GnuPG, Java 1.4, mpg321 (for my alarm clock), PHP, Procmail, Python, SpamAssassin, OpenSSH (client and server), and mod_dav. It would have saved me time if I had figured this all out ahead of time - with the exception of Eclipse and Maple (which I already have in easily copied directories), every single program listed is a single double-click away via Synaptic.

I may have missed a program or two. I didn’t keep careful track.

I didn’t install Joe. I am buckling down and learning how to use vim. If you have any suggestions on how to make the transition less painful, please attach them here. 1995-2005 RIP.

Time to work on my remaining sections of Discrete Structures and finish my ByteVector implementation.